Lynn Worker Center

The Lynn Worker’s Center emerged in 2008 after the North Shore Labor Council engaged immigrant workers, community allies, and labor representatives to fill the need to establish a physical site where immigrant workers and others can gather to discuss problems they face in the work environment on the North Shore. In recent years, the Worker’s Center has grown into a place where workers facing exploitation on the job can find a community of solidarity, advocate for their rights on the job and promote policies to improve the lives of all workers.


  • Create a stronger working relationship between organized labor and immigrant workers to increase organizing opportunities
  • Expand on our political power on the North Shore by building a coalition of labor, community and faith members that support the goals of the Workers Center.
  • Provide immigrant workers on the North Shore with the training find jobs that pay a living wage and have a career path.
  • Educate immigrant workers about their rights so that companies cannot exploit their labor and human rights and drag all wages and benefits down.
  • Organize immigrant workers and provide resources to fight for their rights at the workplace.The Lynn Worker’s Center is a member of the Immigrant Worker’s Center Collaborative and the New Lynn Coalition.

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